The Newborn Experience

When Chris and I aren't photographing weddings, I absolutely love being able to work with future moms and dads to document every step of bringing a beautiful new life into the world!

I have worked with loving couples through every stage from creatively announcing their pregnancy, all the way through capturing their child's first year milestones . With all the rapid developments your child goes through during the beginning of their life, my clients love being able to continually remember those precious moments of that first year.

My Vision

I absolutely love photographing your sweet little ones! It's the unconditional loving looks from mom & dad, the chubby cheeks, the kissable little toes, the little head that fits so perfectly in the palm of dad's hands, and the tiny little hands that always seem to be wrapped around mom's fingers showering her with love…It’s all so perfectly beautiful. From there, it only becomes more wonderful as your child takes on an adorable personality! That first year can be so magical & so memorable but it's also fleeting. That's why I believe every moment deserves to be photographed and it should be done beautifully. What I want most is to give you memories and I want to preserve the moments that you hold near and dear to your heart! 

My Artistry

My imagery is very natural; my color palette is muted; and my focus is on documenting the essence of your baby and the current stage their in. It's all about giving you memories. I blend portraiture and lifestyle together, so I not only capture your beautiful baby, but also the loving bond your family is creating! 


What to expect

Newborn & Baby portrait sessions are different than most other portrait sessions.


Newborn Portraits take some prep work and planning. But there is no need to worry because I got all that covered! :-) Once you book your session with me, the planning starts. I'll walk you through the whole process! We'll go over scheduling, we'll discuss session details, and I'll provide you with tips and tricks to make your session a success!

These sessions tend to last longer! Which is fine with me because I enjoy every minute of it! I always recommend to set aside 4 hours for your session so baby can be nursed, fed, rocked, changed, etc... The absolutely last thing I want is for the session to feel rushed. What I want most is to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and for you to enjoy your portrait experience!


Baby Portraits aren't as extensive but I do take the time to plan out these sessions as well. Once you book your session, we'll discuss session details, and I'll provide you with tips and tricks to make these sessions a success too!

These sessions tend to be shorter than newborns sessions, but I still recommend setting aside 2 hours just in case breaks are needed. Sessions are meant to be enjoyed, not rushed!  :-)

What I offer

I love to photograph ever stage, that's why I offer it all! Here are the session options, you can choose from:

  • Newborn Portrait Session
  • Maternity Portrait Session
  • Baby Milestone Portrait Package (3 Months, 6 months, 9 months, One year)



I am currently only photographing a select number of newborn sessions per year, so be sure to get in touch with me to book your session today! It's never to early to book your session with me. I am very flexible and sensitive to time shifts in the delivery date, so I will always schedule a few dates for you initially until we have a better picture on when your baby is ready to be photographed. I look forward to hearing from you!

For more detailed information and pricing, head over to my CONTACT page and connect with me!