5 Tips to Have an Amazing Engagement Session in the Off Season

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Today, I wanted to jump on and share a topic that is so fitting for this time of year. It’s still winter, but Spring is just around the corner and many couples need to start thinking about having their engagement sessions for their Save the Date cards or to even just fit it in before their wedding day. But what do you do when there is no lush greenery and the parks are looking less than ideal. Today, I wanted to give you 5 tips that you can use to have an amazing engagement session in the off season.

1.     Take It Indoors. Indoor engagement sessions are just as great as outdoor sessions and your location options are endless; you just have to think outside the box. Start by thinking of places you both love to go together to or think of activities you like to do together. Chances are one of those two questions will spark a location idea for your engagement session. Places like a Conservatory/Indoor Botanical Gardens, State House, Museum, or even an indoor studio are perfect location spots. You'll want to note that some places may have photography fees that must be paid prior to getting photographs taken. Not all indoor locations cost money. Have your session at your favorite coffee shop, bistro, or bar. You could also have it a library, bookstore,  indoor market place/farmer’s market, hotel lobby, winery/brewery, antique store, or a greenhouse.

2.     Have An In-Home Session. Capturing snapshots from the comfort of your own home can be really cozy and romantic. It can also tell your story in a more intimate way. Cozy up on the couch together or choose an activity to do like cooking, drinking coffee, or playing a game. Get comfortable, set the scene, utilize the spaces in your home that you love, and enjoy being photographed in the home that you created together (or will create together if you’re not yet living together).

3.     Find An Architecturally Appealing Outdoor Location. You can still rock an outdoor engagement session even in those dreary months. The focus of choosing an outdoor location just needs to be set on architectural features instead of the greenery. Have your session in the city or a downtown area. You can even get creative and venture to a rooftop or the top of a parking garage. When you’re searching for an outdoor location, think about an area that might have a row of beautiful homes, historic buildings, or an old church. Find an area of the city that has beautiful murals, stone walls, or buildings that have unique features (such as pillars, columns, staircases, or rod iron fences). All these elements can lead to great location spots for your engagement session.

4.     Glam It Up! There may be no leaves on the trees and everything may be shades of brown, but having that muted backdrop can be perfect to draw the focus on the two of you. You can have a plain backdrop like an empty field and still have breathtaking photos, the key is to make you and your fiancé the center focus by creating a glam look! Get dressed up and add some pops of color to your outfits and no one will even notice the backdrop in your photos.

5.     Add A Style Element. Styling your engagement session can make it look editorial and can be a lot of fun! Bring a little extra something with you! Incorporating a freshly-picked bouquet to hold, a bicycle, picnic basket, Champagne & Flutes, are all fun ways to bring a little extra romance to everyday objects. Whether it’s larger items like a classic car or smaller ones like a blanket, incorporating just one extra styled item could be a fun way to make your session more unique.

If you want to play up the winter season, bring mugs and a thermos with your favorite coffee or hot chocolate. Bring a few blankets to sit on or wrap around the two of you. Bring a sled or plan to make a campfire.

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of the winter weather and plan for your session to be in the snow. There is something so romantic about taking pictures in a winter wonderland.