Best of 2017 Weddings

Best of 2017 Weddings.jpg

2017 was an incredible year all around! We were blessed with 13 amazing couples and we couldn't be more thankful for them! Early in 2017, we found out that we were expecting our first child at the end of October, so I spent my entire 2017 wedding season pregnant. That news came with all sorts of emotions ranging from complete and utter excitement to a lot of nervousness. To say that God watched over us this season is an understatement. Every wedding day, I found myself with more energy than usual and any symptoms that I had been suffering from seemed to subside or lessen, leaving me fully focused and ready to give our couples my best! I'm extra thankful for Chris this season as well. He was (and is) the best partner ever! He carried all the gear, did all the heavy lifting, took the crazy shots I wanted but couldn't take due to my baby bump and was just all around the most supportive and caring guy out there! When we shared the news with our couples, each one of them were so gracious and kind to us and even shared in our excitement! This season flew by and Chris & I had so much fun this year! We got to work with some of the best people out there, shoot at some awesome venues, and every wedding was full of so many great memories. I still can't believe that we get to share in our couples' celebrations! We get to witness the few beautifully quiet moments shared between the bride and groom, witness some of the most touching heart felt moments between loved ones, and see some pretty epic parties and dance moves!  I would have to say that this was our best season yet!

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