2016 Behind the Scenes

It probably sounds cliche but it's so completely true when I say 2016 was our best year yet! We feel so blessed to have worked with such wonderful couples this year and when we reflect back, it was these couples who played a major part in the success of our business!

We were able to work with couples who trusted our vision, inspired us to be better people, and were a complete blast to work with! From climbing up trees or into bushes to following our goofy instructions, our clients were always up for anything we threw their way.

Looking back at our behind the scenes shots, it looks like we were up for doing whatever it took to get that great shot too! Teamwork makes the dream work right!?!? And all of that definitely reflects in our behind the scenes photos! These photos are a reminder of all we accomplished this year and how much fun we had! 

Enjoy a little sneak peek into us shooting sessions and weddings! 

I love my step ladder :-)

Us directing and posing.

Somewhat of perfectionists?!?! Pulling out all the stops to make those last minute fixes or touchups.

Us setting up and photographing the details! 

We are always each other's test shots. I pose and Chris looks off the to side... lol I never realized we had a routine. I think next year we have to get a little more creative with these shots...what do you think?!?!