We Keep This Love in a Photograph

Your photographs will be cherished forever. They will encapsulate moments that would otherwise be forgotten and they will bring back beautiful memories as if they happened yesterday… that’s what a photographer will tell you but as cliché as it sounds, it’s a hundred percent true!

Every year, no matter how busy our lives get, I put it on our "To Do List" to get our portraits done. Why?? Because I want to remember us, and how our relationship has grown. Because when we’re apart and I’m missing my guy, I’ll thumb through these pictures on my phone. Because when I walk through our home and see our photographs on the wall, they always put a smile on my face. Because when I’m having a rough day, the framed picture that sits on my desk reminds me to count my blessings! Because when I’m feeling nostalgic, which happens often, I’ll page through our albums and look at the beautiful life God blessed us with and all the memories we share together! And because some day in the distance future, I’ll want to share these pictures with our kids and tell them our love story and adventures!

This year turned out to be extra special for us! Too often when we go on our vacation, Chris and I walk away with maybe one good picture of the two of us together. When you have a fancy camera that no one knows how to use and you’re not a big fan of iPhone photos, that’s what happens. So this year we decided that while we were on vacation we would get our portraits done. That way we would get our yearly portrait session and have photos that would remind us of our trip! This year we headed to Arizona! Not only did we get to travel around the beautiful state but we got work to with the amazing, Amy & Jordan and have a desert portrait session!! To say these photos mean to world to me is an understatement!

Here a few of your favorites! Enjoy!!