A Rustic Romantic Wedding at Oak Opening Preserve in Whitehouse, Ohio

Mike & Melody

Whitehouse, Ohio

July 16, 2016

Mike & Melody met back in college 6 years ago. When they first got to know each other, there was a instant connection and instant level of comfort. They felt like they knew each other completely, like a friend you should of had but didn't. And with each year that passed, their love only grew stronger, even when distance came between them. It was no surprise that these two were meant to be and it was no surprise that these two made the commitment to become each other's forever. 

Knowing their love story, made their wedding day even more beautiful! There were so many beautiful emotions and moments that were captured and I'm so blessed that we were the photographers that got to document it all. Their wedding took place in a clearing in the woods and it looked like something that came from a fairytale. Ceremonies are always the part of the day that tugs at my heart strings, especially Mike & Melody's. Melody's father had married the two and watching the exchange of smiles and tears between Mike & Melody as she walked down the aisle was so breathtakingly beautiful. In those moments, it was so evident how much these two loved each other and how excited they were to be marrying one another! As the day progressed, the celebration continued as family and friends came together to celebrate the marriage of these two lovebirds! Enjoy a glimpse into the wedding of Mike & Melody to see how beautifully this wedding day unfolded!