A Rustic Summer Engagement Session at Camp Marengo

Luke & Sarah

Marengo, Ohio

Luke and Sarah's engagement session was nothing less than perfect. Chris and I felt like we were along for the ride as these two relived past memories. Their engagement session was at a place that was near and dear to both their hearts. It was at a camp that Luke and Sarah grew up going to and even worked at as they got older. It's where they met, where they had their first date, and where they fell in love. Every spot we stop at had a memory and a story. Hearing these stories made me realize why they have the love that they do! These two were so in love and could make each other beam at a drop of the hat! We had such a great time sharing in their memories and capturing their beautiful love and were so glad that we could give them yet another great experience at Camp Marengo! We can't wait for their wedding in August!!