A Studio Newborn Session

Baby Sebastian

The one thing I love most about newborn sessions is witnessing that new love that a parent has for their baby! For only being a few days old, Baby Sebastian was so unconditionally loved by both mom and dad. Their smiles, the snuggles, and the twinkle in their eyes said it all. Sebastian is one blessed boy to have such loving parents! Oh! and I can't forget the family's sweet pup. She's one protective and loving furry older sister. ;-) ;-) She was kinda like my own little sidekick watching over Sebastian the whole time :-) I just loved how the dog welcomed Baby Sebastian and gave him some snuggly love too!  Definitely scroll all the way down to see some true puppy love ;-)

Can I just say that Sebastian was a total show stealer with all his cute expressions! He definitely had me smiling the whole time during his session! and I hope a glimpse into his newborn session will do the same for you!!

There is so much cuteness from this session. Enjoy!!