A Studio Newborn Session

Baby Sawyer

Sawyer was an unexpected early arrival. He was three weeks early and decided to make is debut rather quickly too. As quickly as he was born, it took an even shorter amount of time for him to steal his parents' hearts! The love that his mom and dad have for him already is undeniably unconditional and that was so evident during our session! They had so many cute stories about Sawyer to share and the way they looked at their son was so precious! I think my heart melted over and over again photographing mom and dad with Sawyer and again every time he smiled!

I always encourage mom and dad to bring something special to incorporate into their sessions and by far this has been my favorite keepsake! Sawyer was given a handmade burp cloth that was made from the shirt his great grandfather wore the first time he held Sawyer's dad. How awesome and how special is that!!

Enjoy some photos of one adorable baby and an even more beautiful family!