A Winter Wedding in Downtown Columbus, Ohio

CJ & Kayla

Columbus, Ohio

CJ & Kayla’s wedding day was perfect despite the less than ideal weather. And to be honest, the style of her wedding, mixed with the downtown Columbus area and dreary weather made it feel like an old Hollywood movie. I’m never a big fan of rain but in this case it definitely added an element of beauty. But more than anything, what made this wedding so very special was the bride and groom! They were absolutely beautiful! Spending the day photographing the two of them, made me realize how much they cared for each other. From the thoughtful gifts they gave each other to the beautiful letters and vows they exchanged, you just knew that the love that they shared was something so real and so magical. And to witness that love was such a honor and made the wedding day perfection! This couple made my heart so completely full and their wedding made me fall in love with Columbus. This was a great way to end 2015!!

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