A Heartfelt Wedding in Grove City, Ohio

Joey & Whitney

Grove City, Ohio

I received an email last minute to photograph Joey & Whitney’s wedding. The story behind the short notice wedding tugged at my heart strings more than words can say and I was more than happy to capture this couple’s wedding day! It was a complete honor and truly a blessing to be part of such a heartfelt wedding! 

From the very beginning of the day, I knew this wedding was something special. And what set this apart from any other wedding I photographed was the family bond. It was undeniably beautiful. The joy that each of their families shared for Whitney and Joey was evident in the smiles that spread across their faces and the happy tears that graced their cheeks. The bride and groom were showered with love throughout the entire day and their wedding represented a true celebration! 

Joey & Whitney's Wedding-5.jpg
Joey & Whitney's Wedding-203.jpg
Joey & Whitney's Wedding-203.jpg
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Joey & Whitney's Wedding-325.jpg