A Beautiful Courtyard Wedding in Downtown Springfield, Ohio

Andy & Alicia

Springfield, Ohio

From the start of the day, Alicia was just beaming and Andy couldn’t wait to see his beautiful bride! They just couldn’t wait to marry each other and they just couldn’t wait to start the celebration!!

Andy & Alicia were married right in the heart of downtown Springfield, Ohio in a beautiful courtyard. It was a beautiful summer day as they stood in front of their family and friends reading their own vows to each other with a stunning fountain in the background. it was seriously perfect! Not only was it a gorgeous day but the couple was just so beautifully in love! They're one of those couples that were just made for each other. And that love for each other and the happiness they shared was evident the entire day and just radiated with every smile that swept across their face. 

We loved being a part of their amazing day and we are so honored to have captured all the beautiful moments! I am so excited to share with you all some of my favorites from their day! Everything was amazing and beautiful!


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