A Senior Portrait Session to Help Raise Funds for World Race


It’s funny how paths can cross. I met Shelby a couple years ago at a previous job and somewhat stayed in touch over the years. When I heard that she wanted to get involved with missions and World Race, I thought that was just so awesome! I was able to go on a missions trip when I was in college and it changed my life; it’s an experience that I will be forever grateful for! And it’s because of that experience that I really have a heart for the people that devote their life to missions and spreading God’s Word! Hearing her story of how she became a believer and the work that God is doing in her life was truly moving and I wanted to do something to show my support! So here I am, super excited, to share her story (and some pretty stunning pictures of her!).

Shelby’s journey to Christ is rather new but it doesn't take years to become a devoted Christ follower and to know what Gods plan is for you. For Shelby, it came unannounced and all by surprise. Her and her roommate had worked together at a restaurant while in college. One night, her roommate got into a deep conversation with one of her tables and somehow the conversation led to them sharing their son’s story about his World Race Mission Trip. Her roommate had shared the story with Shelby and that’s all it took to ignite the spark. She researched the World Race organization and started praying about it and the next thing she knew, against all the uncertainties, she applied and got accepted to be apart of the mission.

So what is World Race? "The World Race is a stretching journey into 11 countries in 11 months to serve [the less fortunate] while amongst real and raw community. [It’s a] challenging adventure for young adults to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it's not about you; it's about the Kingdom [of God].” The goal of World Race is to take young Christ Followers and have them live like Jesus lived. They will travel the world spreading the gospel and God’s unending love.

Shelby will be embarking on an eleven month journey come January 2016. She will be traveling to eleven countries where she will work on construction projects rebuilding communities or giving them much needed structures. She will be feeding the hungry, ministering to sex-trafficking victims, working with orphanages, and so much more. Not only will she be serving the less fortunate but she will be sharing the Gospel and making a huge impact on their lives. 

God has a knack of leading you down paths that you never knew were possibly and that’s what He did for Shelby. He gave a heart to serve and a passion to put it into actions and I’m so honored to be one of her supporters and to share her story! She truly has a heart for God and she's ready to take on the plans that He has in store for her and I can’t wait to see how they all unfold!


With all missions, it takes a person like Shelby to live out the call to action and to be "in the field" but it also takes supporters and that is what she is in need of. Whether it be through prayer, financial donation, or simply sharing her story, all is greatly appreciated! 


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