Kyle & Paige | Couple Portrait

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The late fall/early winter season is quickly becoming my favorite season to photograph. It's the season for sweaters, chunky scarfs and, to keep from the cold, couples get a little cozier with each other. It's easy to forget about the wintery breeze nipping at your nose when you are photographing a couple like Kyle and Paige. So photogenic and so in love, the perfect combination .... and do I even have to comment on how cute there dog is :-)

Enjoy some of my favorite images!! 

Kyle & Paige-1.jpg
Kyle & Paige-2.jpg
Kyle & Paige-3.jpg
Kyle & Paige-6.jpg
Kyle & Paige-8.jpg
Kyle & Paige-7.jpg
Kyle & Paige-9.jpg
Kyle & Paige-10.jpg
Kyle & Paige-11.jpg
Kyle & Paige-13.jpg
Kyle & Paige-16.jpg
Kyle & Paige-5.jpg

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