My First Wedding Experience

It has been a goal of mine to break into the world of wedding photography. I mean, what photographer doesn't want to capture the magical moments that a wedding entails? Especially this girl, who is infatuated by love and enjoys capturing the looks, laughs, and all the precious moments that couples share with one another.

But as beautiful as it all sounds, I know wedding photography is a big feat and there is much preparation and knowledge that goes into photographing someone's big day. No photographer wants to be left with the feeling they might have messed up one of the most pivital days of a couple's life.

To make my goal a reality, I have been doing a bunch of research and also networking with other photographers to learn the ins and outs of the business. But more than that I wanted get some actual hands on experience; and what better way to do that than to work with a photographer who's work you completely admire? Fortunately, that's exactly what I got to do! I was able to second-shoot with Rosey Red Photography.

I had an awesome time photographing a wedding with Ben and Ashley, the photography team at Rosey Red Photography. This duo is such a sweet, fun, and very creative photography couple and I’m so thankful for the experience. These guys know their stuff and were so full of knowledge and helpful pointers! Not only did i have tons of fun but I learned so much and gained invaluable experience in my pursuit to shoot weddings on my own.

So I thought I would share my top 10 key take-aways from my first ever wedding shoot:

  1. Preparation Is Key: Get organized, create a timeline for the entire day, and manage your time.
  2. Create A Shot List: Speak with the bride before the wedding and discuss her must-have shots.
  3. Be Creative: You can get a lot of great shots by being spontaneous and seizing shooting opportunities as ideas come to your mind. Look around for not-so obvious angles, take fun photos, & use light patterns creatively.
  4. Capture The Details: Brides have spent months and months planning their big day and will appreciate photos of all the little details.
  5. Tell A Story: Give your couple their wedding day story and adopt a photo-journalistic approach. Look for pictures that tell the story of the day.
  6. Have The Right Equipment: A macro lens and a telephoto lens are on my "to buy" list :-)
  7. Be Ready For Anything: Watch for the little unexpected moments, anticipate emotions, and be candid.
  8. Scout Your Location(s): Use the environment around the nuptials to the fullest.
  9. Lighting Is Key: Learn to work with natural light and remember to pay attention to where shadows fall.
  10. And Most Importantly: Have fun and be confident in your abilities!!


Thanks again Rosey Red Photography!!! Be sure to check out the Rosey Red Photography and visit their website!


Here's some of my favorite images I took of the big day! Hope you enjoy! 


© Stephanie Marie Photography