Two Is Better Than One

Thank you so much for visiting our website! Chris & I are a Columbus-based, husband and wife wedding photography team and we live by the mantra, "Two is much better than one!"... Or in other words, we work best when we're together!

It's kinda how this soloist became a duo. Not only was Chris my biggest advocate when it came to my photography dream, but I found myself volunteering him to shoot along side of me all the time! We quickly realized that we made a terrific team and decided to join forces and start a new adventure as a photography team. And I have to say, it has been the best decision yet!!! I'm the creative and the posing perfectionist and he's the detail-oriented technical mastermind! We compliment each other's strengths and we push each other to be the best we can be...and together we create something wonderful and uniquely beautiful. We are both passionate about building relationships and capturing the love between our couples. After all, it’s your love for each other and the relationship that you share together that inspires us in everything we do!

Chris & Stephanie Newman Central Ohio Wedding Photographer Duo

We would love to capture your moments and give you tangible memories that you can cherish forever. Please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

We are photographers — We are not here to show people what they can already see. We are here to give them experiences they would otherwise never have experienced. We are here to preserve the moments that otherwise would have been forgotten.

Stephanie Newman Central Ohio Wedding Photographer


I'm Steph, wife to that handsome guy on the right. I was always drawn to photography and all it took was putting a camera in my hand to spark a passion. For me, photography started out as a hobby but I quickly fell in love with being behind the camera and that fascination became my dream job! I feel truly blessed to spend my days photographing others. What I enjoy most is capturing relationships. Those enduring looks and sweet loving moments make my heart skip a beat every time.

When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy playing tennis, reading,  and snuggling with my Goldendoodle pup while catching up on my favorite TV shows. I'm addicted to chocolate, Chai Tea Lattes, boots, and plaid.

Chris Newman Central Ohio Wedding Photographer

Hey There!

My name is Chris and I'm the husband to that extremely talented girl beside me. I've been shooting along side Steph throughout our marriage and have absolutely loved it. I enjoy capturing spontaneous, candid moments. The moments throughout the day that you don't think anyone is watching. I'm there, I AM EVERYWHERE... so be on the lookout :)

When I'm not shooting, I enjoy playing guitar/drums and doing graphic design work. I am super competitive and am always up for anything that concludes with someone winning (even rock, paper, scissors). I am an avid game night advocate, love OSU Football, & am completely obsessed with black raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream.

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